For start-ups, the first year is unarguably the most critical time in the life of the company. Timely access to key resources, advice, and knowledge is essential for entrepreneurs to succeed. As a region that supports entrepreneurship as part of our economic success, it’s up to us as a community to make sure our start-ups have everything they need to achieve their success.

Are you a Startup looking to take your company to the next level? our Mentor program is designed for businesses who are at the idea phase and are looking to take their company to the next level.

Our mentorship program has been developed to facilitate one-on-one matchups between start-ups and mentors.

The role of Vision The Idea mentors is multi-faceted, may be formal or informal, and may change or evolve as per the requirements and needs of the entrepreneur. A mentor can be a role model, coach, sounding board, voice of reason, emotional support, counsellor, and a trusted resource.

What to expect from our experienced mentors:
  • Share knowledge and life experiences and provide guidance

  • Discuss and help in goal setting

  • Help identify resources for the start up

  • Provide mentoring on leadership skills

  • Provide Technical inputs if required or connect the mentee to the appropriate technical expert

  • Provide insight into corporate culture

  • Advise on networking opportunities to market the product or service.

How can start-ups/scale-ups benefit from Mentors?
  1. Our mentors can hold a mirror to your business: They can assess the state of your business and the direction in which it is headed and will bring in an unbiased point of view.

  1. Our mentors can identify what is right and what is wrong with your business and will help in fixing things that needs to be fixed. If there is something wrong with the business the mentor will point it out to you and nudge you to take corrective action.

  1. The mentor will pull you back a step every now and then, and make you see the bigger picture. They will help you look at the changes that are happening around you, which may have a bearing on your business. For instance, changes in consumer mindset, distribution channels, technology, law, etc. could all affect business and so, should be constantly factored into your planning.

  1. Our mentors will help you get professional contacts and extend your network through the Vision The Idea community.

  1. A substantial value system and work ethic are most important to a fledgling organization. If set up early, they can take the organization a long way. They help maintain a clean and healthy working environment. A mentor will share his professional value system with you and to the extent relevant and get you to incorporate it in your organization.

  1. Our mentors bring in collaborative experience in specific industries and help build a business strategy around the gathered analytics.

  1. Our mentors can encourage entrepreneurs and start-up companies by helping them make smarter decisions and put them on a growth path.

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75% of the venture based start-ups fail due to lack of good mentorship and the Lack of general and domain-specific business knowledge in the field of finance, operations, and marketing. Lack of focus and continued commitment, raising too much money too soon may be some of the other reasons for start-ups to fail.”

Source: Fast company

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