Vision The Idea at EAWSC International Wine Contest

Wine contest
Vision The Idea at EAWSC International Wine Contest

Join us at the International Wine Contest in Moldova (February 27-28 2019), where Faz Zavahir will elaborate on how to attract investments in fine wine and what the advantages are compared to traditional investments.

Lifting the veil a bit already: the investment attractiveness of the fine wine industry is based on the relatively high liquidity of the wine product, the rapid turnover of funds and the availability of raw materials, according to experts.

This is the first International Wine Contest evaluated on a blockchain platform powered and monitored by Gustos.Life, enabling transparency of ratings!

To subscribe to the event, follow this link. To discover more, stay tuned for more on our social media as we will bring you more information in the near future regarding this event and Fine Wine Investment. is a worldwide ecosystem for investment in Fine Wine that aims to make investments with high return rates accessible, solve the issues of transparency, traceability and trustability.



Faz Zavahir is senior business coach & Managing Partner of Vision The Idea Fund.


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